Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The TBR pile is multiplying rapidly, but what to choose? Rummaging around on my Kindle I came across Westwood by Stella Gibbons, better known as author of Cold Comfort Farm.  I'd downloaded it several months ago after reading The Guardian's review. Set in London after the blitz, it's the story of plain bookish Margaret Steggles who makes the acquaintance of the terribly pretentious playwright Gerard Challis.

My lunch break was too short today to get beyond the introduction by Lynne Truss. This is what she had to say about the book:

'This is a rich, mature novel, romantic and wistful, full of rounded characters and terrific dialogue, with a pair of pleasingly intertwining plots, and great comic scenes.  It is beautifully written by an author whose precision with idiom was unerring. It deals with heartbreak and hope, longing and disappointment; and is underlined by a genuine love for natural beauty.'

I think I'm going to enjoy this one.


  1. I'll be interested to see how you get on with this. The only book by Gibbons that I've read other than 'Cold Comfort Farm' was not simply a poor book, but a very disturbing one. I found myself asking if there was a good reason she was only known for that one great novel. I hope you have a better experience.

    1. I haven't read any Gibbons, so I'm keeping an open mind.

  2. I have this to read so will be very interested to hear what you think of it!


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