Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Art and literature

I popped into Lancaster's new independent bookstore in The Storey Institute today. With a range of contemporary poetry and books by Litfest authors, it's a great source of reading ideas.

It's a quirky little place, celebrating the written word as visual art too.

Another TBR pile?

Paper houses

Printers' trays for sale

But one thing in particular took my eye...

Made entirely of books - 2500 pages from copies of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales to be precise - this fabulous dress took three days to create. It's not just a work of art though, it was actually worn by contemporary fairy tale author Claire Massey.


  1. I am sitting here seething with jealousy. We no longer have a local independent bookstore and although I have a couple within a forty mile drive as well as a couple of good secondhand shops it isn't the same as the quirky local store you can wander into and find something you hadn't even known you wanted when you got up that morning. Cherish it.

    1. You're absolutely right Alex, we should cherish these things.

      The more I read, the more I'm coming to appreciate the value of independent bookstores.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a dress! Just think of the commercial possibilities here - you could have a dress made out of Proust, or something more contemporary for fans of Twilight. 'You've read the book - now wear it!' :-)

    1. That would be rather wonderful, wouldn't it? Not so practical for British weather though!


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