Wednesday, 21 March 2012

On Oxford Road

While many might long for a view of rolling fields, give me a cityscape any day.  From my window I can watch the sun set over Morecambe Bay yet, perversely, it's the mundane and man-made that capture my attention.  The sun sets behind the power station, you can (just) see and hear the London trains and watch the long queues of cars snake over the Greyhound bridge.

That's why those few hundred yards of Oxford Road fascinate me so much.  There's always something new to see. For the first time I notice the café bar sign with the customer comment 'the food actually blew us away'. Then there's the shop that's taxi firm, snack bar, barber and tattooist all in one.  Johnny Roadhouse Music displays a row of instruments - trombone, French horn, guitar - above the shop front sign.  I don't know how long they've been there, but they seem to be weathering well.

I take out my ipod and snap away.

Taxi, café, barber, tattooist - a true 'one stop shop'

Some choice watering holes

The Salisbury

Walking down Oxford Road

Johnny Roadhouse Music 


  1. How entertaining - my son has just said he's going to get a haircut today but decided not to go to the computer repair/barbers that's just down the road from his 6th form college. Having four shops in one trumps his, I think! Is Oxford Road where Manchester University Press is? The location sounds familiar for some reason.

  2. Yes, MUP is on Oxford Road. The strange mix of university and urban seediness is one of the reasons I like the street so much.


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