Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Operation Reading Room

With my wallpaper stripper at the ready, Operation Reading Room began today. This is the conversion of the games/sleepover room into a TV-free sanctuary with chesterfield chairs and lots and lots of books. When I'm reading I can block out visual distractions. This is a skill honed over six years of study while ignoring the laundry, dirty dishes and general disorder. Noise, on the other hand, is a terrible distraction.

Hence the reading room. This is one of those projects that will be 'worth it in the end'. In the meantime, we've had fun manoeuvring an enormous bookcase around the house. I was coming to the conclusion that I had far too many books. You can see just a few of the books here...

Surely I didn't need all these books? It was time to be ruthless. Time to say goodbye to the half-reads, the worthy-but dulls and the panic-how-on-earth-am-I going-to-write-this-essay buys. How many did I manage to get rid of?


Well, I tried. And here's hoping it will be worth it in the end.


  1. Too funny! I do exactly the same thing when it comes to culling. I can never let go. And after all, it's inevitable that the books I take to the charity shop turn out to be exactly the ones I need, five days later.... I am sure, though, that your reading room will be a wonderful sanctuary in the end!

  2. Hello Karen!
    I've just discovered your blog via Litlove's Liebster Award post and am enjoying browsing through your posts. I love the idea of Operation Reading Room! Sadly, there isn't enough room in my 2-room Paris flat to have a separate reading room, so there are books all over the show. When they become unmanageable, my solution is to cart two dozen or so of them down south to my parents' house :)
    Here's hoping your reading room turns out the way you wanted!

    1. Hello Florence and thank you for commenting. Operation Reading Room is progressing well. Yes, I'm lucky to have the space, but I love the idea of a 2-room Paris flat!

      I suspect, as bibliophiles, we will manage to fill our homes with books, no matter how much room we have.


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