Monday, 15 October 2012


Thankfully this morning's apocalyptic downpour preceded the school run by a good fifteen minutes. I'm starting to wonder if the bleak future envisioned in Sarah Hall's The Carhullan Army is closer than we think.

Laid low by a heavy cold, I've retreated to my bed with a box of man-sized tissues, Olbas oil and an ubiquitous Diet Coke (almost my only vice). The house is still unnaturally tidy after weekend visitors, so I've given myself leave of absence for a self-indulgent day of reading and writing.

With a purple pen, a Moleskine notebook and a beautiful edition of My Cousin Rachel at my side, it's not such a bad way to spend the day after all.


  1. The Bears say try Marmalade Sandwiches. This is their cure all for every ailment. It has to be the best Marmalade. Get well soon.

    1. Please tell the bears I'm feeling much better today. Thank you.


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