Thursday, 2 August 2012

What next?

Sisyphus - Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) -'Imagine Sisyphus happy,' my husband tells me when I've had a bad day at work. I'm not entirely sure if this is meant to cheer me up or not, since I only got through the first two pages of Camus' Myth of Sisyphus and I was still none the wiser.

That said, having pushed one rock to the top of the hill, I'm now looking for another.  Since the Open University has been my constant companion for the last six years, on days off and holidays, on Christmas Day and a beach in Barbados, I can't quite imagine life without assignment deadlines. In some senses though, I feel that I've outgrown the OU. Book blogging has opened up a whole new world of interests and opportunities. Poking around on the web today, I came across The Classics Club  and before I could help myself I was drawing up a list of fifty classic books and a blog post to match. But then, what about all the contemporary fiction I want to read?

Where do I begin?


  1. Don't worry Karen, it becomes extremely easy to forget all about those TMA's. In no time at all you'll be wondering how on earth you managed to fit it all in and then you'll be relieved you don't have to bother any more. So many more wonderful things to do in your 'spare' time... enjoy!

    1. You're right Vee - there is so much else to do. The blogging is quite addictive, and I still have my Italian course to finish.


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