Saturday, 16 June 2012

Literary freedom

After six years of joy and anguish, my degree in English Literature is complete.  I've revisited old favourites, learnt to love Middlemarch and developed a hunger for books that will not go away. I've felt the pleasure and pain of creative writing too.  Whilst a well-crafted poem still eludes me, I have some short stories to polish and notebooks brimful of ideas.

Study has become so much a way of life, sandwiched between cricket practices, school runs and my working day, that I'd braced myself for the anti-climactic 'what now?' feeling that often accompanies the end of a major project.  I needn't have worried.  Reading, writing and blogging about books creates a never-ending chain of opportunities.  There are so many new authors to discover and literary conversations to be had.

Now I can indulge my literary whims without a hint of guilt.


  1. Congratulations. As someone who did all three of her degrees part-time fitted round a full-time job and family life, I know just what this will have cost you in physical, mental and emotional energy. I hope you are suitably proud of yourself.

  2. Thanks Alex. Three degrees part-time whilst juggling all your other commitments must have taken some doing!

    I did my first degree in the traditional way, full-time at eighteen and had a ball. This was a different proposition altogether, but just as rewarding.

    And yes, I do feel just a little bit proud.

    1. Congratulations on achieving your huge milestone! I once tried to do an extra A level while working, and gave it up after about a month. So I am in awe of you - studying while bringing up a family is so hard. I hope you have some nice rewards for yourself in prospect!

  3. Thank you litlove for your kind comments. My rewards are mainly of the literary kind - my wishlist is getting longer by the day!

  4. Congratulations! I did the Arts and Humanities AA100 course last year, with a view to studying for an English degree, but I ran out of cash.

  5. Thank you Christine. It's a shame you couldn't continue. The OU is a wonderful resource - just don't get me started on tuition fees!


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