Saturday, 12 May 2012

Austerity measures

I am filled with longing.  Longing for Hilary Mantel's new book, and Mark Haddon's too.

I do not need either of them.  If my 'to-be-reads' would form an orderly queue it'd begin with The Great Gatsby (for book group) and The Song of Achilles, closely followed by the latest Granta, assorted short story collections and numerous Kindle downloads.  If they queued politely (they seldom do) then they'd stretch from my bedroom to the gates of Williamson Park.  Instead, they're scattered around the house in a less accusatory fashion, although they do occasionally whisper in corners.

So you can see there's no earthly need for me to buy another book, but like a child who's tasted one cola bottle from her tub of pick and mix, I'm finding it hard to resist.  I've loitered with intent in Waterstones (no apostrophe if you please) for the last two days, but I don't think I can last much longer.


  1. I understand!! I was in the bookstore just the other day and saw the copies of Bringing Up The Bodies. I would be lusting after it too, only I am still waiting to read Wolf Hall - which I have owned since I bought a cheap hardback in the run-up to the Booker prize! This is how bad my TBR queue is (and there has been a lot of pushing in..). But given I'd like to read BUTB, I really should find a moment in the near future for Wolf Hall.

  2. We read Wolf Hall for book group - it's worth the effort I think. I suspect that BUTB, like WH, is a book to be taken slowly so I'm saving it for post-revision days.

    I did succumb in the end to Mark Haddon's new book should be dropping through my letterbox any day now.


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