Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Attention deficit

I'm in the final editing stages of my final essay for my degree in English Literature.  The arguments are made and referenced, the threads pulled as tight as I can manage.  There's just a little tweaking for an extra mark or two to send me over the edge.  But then, like a bursting bubble, the clarity's gone and I stare blankly at the alphabet soup on the screen.

Time for a run round the block, I think, or some vigorous housework, in the hope the fog will clear.

Just one more hour and then press 'send'.

Edit to say: it's sent now.  What a relief!


  1. Oh it's so hard to do those final edits - I used to be heartily sick of essays when I finally came to hand them in, and it's difficult to know what you're reading, for the twentieth time of reading it! But many many congratulations on reaching the end - what a milestone! What a huge achievement! I do hope you are planning some appropriately huge rewards and celebrations!

  2. Well done Karen. That must be a great feeling.
    What next? :-)

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. It does feel good, but celebrations will have to wait for another month,until the exam is done. I can't help thinking I'm too old to revise - the grey cells aren't quite what they used to be!

    What next? Could be a) classics with the Open University b)creative writing (OU or Masters) or c) more reading and blogging.

    Alternatively it might just be more paid work. I'm going to need the money. :-)


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