Monday, 30 April 2012


'Only six more years,' my son tells me with great authority, 'and you will be an old person.'  I do feel this is a little harsh, but I suppose when you're ten, even fourteen seems positively ancient.  He did review his ideas briefly when Gary Speed died but no, it seems that I am once more fast approaching old age.

Despite the impending decrepitude, I do like birthdays.  When the children were younger we all had cakes and candles.  Any excuse, in fact, to make a day into a special occasion.  The desire for cakes and candles seems to have waned now, along with fancy dress at Halloween and decorating Easter eggs, but I'm still in favour of a little indulgence on one's birthday.

This year I have been suitably indulged, both with gifts and celebrations.  My love of gadgetry has been satisfied with a brand new iPhone.  I've never had a smartphone before so the ability to look anything up on a whim is compelling.  I'm not sure if Orange knew what they were letting themselves in for when I signed up for 'unlimited access'.

Paper books have not been entirely forsaken.  My political friend has given me True Blue - Strange Tales from a Tory Nation which explores the question 'Why would anyone be a Conservative?' I think I am going to enjoy this one.  I've also got Classics: A Very Short Introduction which I hope will help me decide whether to study classics with the Open University next year.

My birthday celebrations were rounded off by dinner at The Waterwitch with the Lancashire Ladies.  Stories of teenage internet surfing habits and 'old lady hairs' caused great hilarity and a good time was had by all.


  1. Happy Birthday, Karen! My son looks at me as if I've stumbled off the ark sometimes. Ach the young. I'm very glad you had such a nice day - I'll still up for birthdays, as the presents are good. Quite soon, I think I might start counting backwards, though. :-)

  2. Thank you for your birthday wishes, Litlove. It's lucky we don't depend on our offspring for our self-esteem!

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