Friday, 9 March 2012

An existential moment

Do you ever have an existential moment when you wonder what it all means?  I did at work last week as I played with my pivot tables. I compared one bit of data with another until, quite frankly, I had no idea at all what I was doing or why. And did it really matter anyway?

Well, today that's just how I feel about this blog.  I've been mentally composing a post about Billy Liar and another about Madame Bovary, but I'm not in the mood for either.

So just who am I writing this blog for? If you write or blog, do you know who your readers are?  If you say that you're only writing it for yourself can I really believe you?  Surely, by writing a blog, or writing for publication, you want to be read. Do you have an audience in mind, or is it pure narcissism?


  1. Interesting point. I equate narcissism with self absorption and egotism and while we all know of writers with those traits they're not evident in any of the bloggers that I follow. I view it more as a sharing of positive thoughts and experiences.I don't follow any miserable self-absorbed bloggers, they are all uplifting. I write mainly for myself and don't consider myself to be narcissistic. A small handful of people visit my blog and tell me that they enjoy it. That's great. That's enough. If I was a more prolific writer I'd like to get published purely because it's a way to make some money. But I'm far too lazy. Blogging is dabbling to me. I'd be scared of a huge following!

  2. Thank you for your comments Mari. I agree with the idea of blogging as sharing thoughts and ideas. I see it as a kind of conversation and appreciate readers' comments. Other times, it's communicating with an imagined audience. Either way it's an interesting exercise.

    As for being published, it's the recognition I'd want, not the money.

    1. Ah but maybe that's the difference between being a writer of quality and a minimally principled writer for financial gain! I would use a pseudonym anyway so following my incredible success (ahem ) no-one would know it was me.

  3. I'm sure that there are plenty of minimally principled vanity writers too.
    And don't worry, your secret's safe with me!

  4. Ah... 'those' questions! I wonder if everyone has them from time to time? I think it may be has something to do with not having many comments as it makes the conversation feel a bit one sided? But then I've also come to terms with the fact that often people are just too busy and they 'read and run'.

    Do keep writing tho Karen. Even if I don't always comment I do always read.

  5. Thank you Vee.

    Yes, it's partly to do with comments, but also not knowing much about your readers.


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